How to Make 10% Per Year In Your Retirement Account

Grow Your Retirement 10% A Year

Grow Your Retirement 10% A Year

Self Directed Assets can introduce you to 401K10 where you will earn a guaranteed 10% return on your self directed 401k or IRA.  Our experienced staff can help assist you to setup a self directed 401K or IRA in less than a week.  A self directed IRA can help you have more control of your retirement assets in all aspects. The common way people today manage their retirement investments is by contributing money and placing it with companies and people they never have a chance to meet, hoping that these people will always work to grow their retirement accounts.  Since 2001 it has become clear that, whether or not these people make you money or lose you money, they still make big money and get bonus’.

How would you like it if these people who look after your money did not make any money if they lost you money and never took a bonus unless you personally gave it to them?  If that is how you would like things to be, make Self Directed Assets your retirement partner.  Self Directed Assets has restored the fairness to financial work, if we do not make you money, you do not pay us any commissions from your account.

Have  you worked at one or several institutions where you still have 401K monies?  We can assist in consolidating all of these into one account and provide you a measure of control that few 401K account holders experience.

Would you like us to be your asset consultant?  Please call or send us an email so we can setup an appointment with you and provide the details on how to turn your traditional ROTH or corporate retirement account into a self-directed retirement account.

401(k) Hidden Fees- How Much Are They Costing You?

401(k) Hidden Fees Can Be Huge

401(k) Hidden Fees Can Be Huge

This is an important question.  Why?  Because time is money.  A little bit of your personal time can lead to huge savings in your 401(k).  Unfortunately, we cannot help you discover how much your 401(k) fees and hidden fees are costing you and eating away at your nest egg.  What we can do is help raise you awareness of the subject.

We are not the only ones trying to help bring this awareness to the public.  If you search the internet, like you see on the graphic here to the left, several news agencies are working to help you appreciate the serious of 401(k) fees and hidden fees.

While we cannot help you determine the fees associated with your current 401(k) plan we can show you how you can reduce or eliminate fees associated with having a 401(k) plan.  As you do your research and review your current 401(k) plans, remember that fees paid today are fees you pay for a lifetime.  How do I pay fees for a lifetime?  When you put the principle of compound interest over time into the equation, the depletion of your 401(K) account via fees and hidden fees becomes exponentially expensive to your long term goals as you do not earn compound interest on the fees you have paid.

Stop, take out our calendar and set a deadline to find out the fees associated and hidden fees with your current 401(k) plan.  If you do not set the goal, it will not happen.  If you need help with finding this information out, contact us a and set an appointment, we would love the opportunity to help you.


Are Self Directed Retirement Accounts Risky?

Are Self Directed IRAs Risky?

Are Self Directed IRAs Risky?

One of the most often questions asked in regards to Self Directed Retirement accounts is, ‘are they risky?’.

Maybe you are like me and grew up around a swimming pool that had 2 diving boards, a lower one and taller one.  It was the taller one that scared us to death. Every time we thought about it until the time we were bold enough to climb the ladder and finally dared to walk to the edge and jump off we were scared to death. Scared until we actually took the plunge and that plunge was not a spectacular double back flip, it was a straight jump with a prayer that we did not die.  After that first attempt, barring we did not lose the top or bottom of our bathing suit, we were quickly back in line to go again.  We still did not attempt any dives that were amazing but we were able to overcome the fear the resided in our minds.

Whether it is diving from a high dive, jumping a car battery for the first time or trying new a new food like sushi there is a mental block, a fear of some sort of risk that makes us hesitate to take action.  The fear that makes people ask, ‘are self directed retirement accounts risky?’ is associated with a fear due to lack of personal experience.  The helps us to appreciate this fear is both reasonable are more importantly conquerable.

Consider that over the decades that people, not just a few but the masses, have been afraid and overcome the fear of putting money to work in the markets, putting money to work in mutual funds, using a cell phone, owning and operating a computer and much, much more.  What was unthinkable or impossible for us personally, is now average, ordinary and part of our every day lives.  One day Self Direct Retirement accounts will join that group?

How will people become comfortable with Self Directed Retirement accounts?  The same way they did with mutual funds, which started in the 19080s with just a few choices and now number into the 1000s and hold the majority of investors funds.  It takes time and understanding.  It also takes the incentive to want more.  As people become more and more disgusted with how the financial system continues to make heaps of money, even while our personal funds are wiped out, we will look for new ways and new places to put our capital to work that benefits our personal financial net worth.  When those with money to invest begin to attempt the high dive, they will soon find their comfort level to be the same as the way they have been doing things for years.

Are Self Directed Retirements Risky?  Let’s start with the question, are the main stream investment and management methods less risky?  Have they shown themselves to care for their own net worth or yours?  What if you could put your money to work with people who looked after your capital like it was their own?  People who did not get paid unless they made you a profit?  Those are the type of people you can deal with when you take control of your capital with a Self Directed IRA.

How do we meet people who will carefully look after our assets?  Let Self Directed Assets being to introduce you to some of these people and opportunities at no cost to you, contact us a